Hateg Geopark

Country: Romania

The Geoparcul Internațional U N E S C O Țara Hațegului is located in the central part of Romania, in Southern Transylvania near the main routes to Hungary, Serbia and Bulgaria.
The region is world famous for its dwarf dinosaurs, also known as the “dwarf dinosaurs of Transylvania”, from the end of Cretaceous, 65 million years ago.
More than ten dinosaur species, both herbivorous and carnivorous, have been found in fossil fluvial and lake deposits.
Of particular interest, dinosaur eggs and hatch-lings were also discovered in the same deposits.

Other associated fossils within the same deposits, like flying reptiles, birds, mammals, lizards, snakes, frogs, crocodiles and turtles offer a bigger picture about dinosaur’s world and their aftermaths.

Most spectacular is a huge pterosaur, or flying reptile, that was named Hatzegopteryx after the region and the town.
Small info museums and geo-trails developed in partnership with local associations and communities promote geological heritage.
Traditional activities and local products (handicrafts, brandy, cheese, meat) are supported in partnership with Women Association as part of the local strategy to promote geotourism and ecotourism.

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